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We have outlined for you below a flow chart of processes for the various options available to each client in order to register an IBC in St.Lucia.

To incorporate any company in St. Lucia the client needs to choose either an Overseas Agent (OA who is associated with LRAs) or a Local Registered Agent in St. Lucia. (Once approved, he/she can apply to become an online OA or LRA through our system). Once the client has chosen an agent (local or international) from the list in our directory then contact may be made either by phone, courier, fax (instance 1 and 2 below), or on line (instance 3 and 4 below). The advantage of incorporating through the online registry is that the process of incorporation is started right away (the incorporation questionnaire is in the system), and the registered agent is notified immediately of his/her selection for representation.

If the client decides to use an OA, that is the only representative he/she will deal with. The OA will take care of the communication with the LRA (instance 1 and 3 below).

The LRA submits the incorporation application to the Registrar (excluding any optional confidential information) together with a due diligence report. The IBC will be registered if all requirements for registration have been met. If the incorporation was conducted online the client will receive in a personal message box, confirmation of incorporation and immediate notification of his/her company's registration.

Flow of an IBC incorporation

Flow of an IBC incorporation

OA: Overseas Agent
LRA: Local Registered Agent
IBCR: IBC Registrar
WWW: Registration online via the Web site