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About St. Lucia's IBC Registry

What you can do online

PINNACLE ST. LUCIA is the world's first public online registry. The system is public and used by clients, Overseas Agents (OA), Local Registered Agents (LRA), the Registrar of IBC's and the Director of Financial Services. Each user has the ability to carry out various functions based on their respective needs and the controls that a registry system requires. These functions in the past could only be completed by physically visiting a companies registry, or or by using traditional communication and research methods.

Through our unique system any individual is able to access the registry through the internet via our web site



The OA, as an agent for the LRA has the ability to assist in the due diligence procedure and a duty to review the applications submitted by the client. The OA is able to conduct the following:


The LRA has the most important role as no information can reach the Registrar of International Business Companies (IBCR) unless submitted by the LRA. Also, all incorporation fees must be paid to the IBCR by the LRA and no other user. The LRA is able to conduct the following:

IBC Registrar

The Registrar ultimately controls those functions. He performs the typical Registrar functions e.g. approving applications for companies to be incorporated, granting approval for certified copies of documents, ensuring that payment is made for the services requested.


The Director has full online access to all information submitted to the registry on an online real time basis.

This system is unique and very user-friendly. It gives the user 24-hour access to the registry, offering flexibility and convenience with state of the art technology.

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