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A guide to residency in St. Lucia

St. Lucia recognizes three types of residency: Citizenship, Permanent Residence, and the right to reside. Persons, other than citizens require a work permit in order to carry on an occupation in St. Lucia.


Citizenship of St. Lucia is granted to persons:

Permanent Residence

Permanent Residence can be applied for after a period of five (5) years of continuous residence in St. Lucia. This period may be significantly reduced in certain circumstances, e.g. retirees purchasing property and taking up residence.

The advantage of having this status is that your passport is stamped with the permanent residence stamp, which obviates the application for residence permits every three months and the inconvenience of time consuming procedures at the port of entry after an overseas trip.

This status does not entitle the permanent resident to work in St. Lucia; a work permit is still required.


A person, who is not a citizen of St. Lucia, wishing to reside in St. Lucia can do so under the following conditions:


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